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3VX250/02 - 3VX-Section Wedge Cogged V Belt
3VX250/02 - 3VX-Section Wedge Cogged V Belt

3VX250/02 - 3VX-Section Wedge Cogged V Belt

Item ID: 3VX250/02
Belt Size: 3/8 X 25
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3VX250/02 Wedge Cogged Banded V Belt

The 3VX250/02 banded v belt is interchangeable with 2/3VX250, 2-3VX250, 2R3VX250 & 2GB3VX250. Wedge belts are able to produce much higher horsepower ratings over standard v belts with the same width. This is improved by the dimensional changes, special treated polyester cord as well as optimum cord placement. Banded v belts use a special high strength tie band that creates a permanent matched set throughout all bands, which improves the load distribution.

3VX250/02 Belt Dimensions
  • Width Per Band: 3/8''
  • No. Of Bands: 2
  • Approx. Overall Width: 3/4''
  • Outer Circumference: 25''
  • Generates higher HP ratings
  • No whip, slippage or jump off under heacy shock loads
  • Better flexibility on smaller diameter pulleys
  • Enhanced heat dissipation rate
3VX250/02 Belt Cross Reference Numbers:
  • Gates Banded V Belt - 2/3VX250
  • Bando Banded V Belt - 2-3VX250

3VX250/02 Belt Specifications

3VX250/02 Belt Cross References

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