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Kevlar K-Plus V-Belts

About Kevlar V Belts

Kevlar/Aramid corded v belts have a higher tensile strength rating over standard v belts, which has polyester cords.  This will help minimize stretch when these belts endure higher shock loads over longer periods of time.  Kevlar belts have a special dry cover/wrap for clutching applications and these can also withstand reverse bending and twisting. Most common use for Kevlar v belts are for mowers.

Benefits of the Kevlar (Aramid) V Belts:
  • Excellent performance for drives having clutching applications and backside idler drives
  • Provides reduced slippage while clutching
  • Able to withstand high level of reverse flexing
  • High resistance to larger shock loads (High tensile strength)
  • Kevlar belts are great for the lawn mower and snow blower applications
  • Superior resistance to oil, heat, cracking, ozone sunlight and weather