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B270K - B-Section Aramid V Belt

Item ID: B270K
Belt Size: 5/8” X 273”
Availability: 68 In Stock
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B270K v belt is a heavy-duty belt that offers superior tensile strength over standard v belts resulting in less stretch over time. The increased tensile strength is achieved by using several woven strands of Kevlar­® cords, which is a high strength aramid fiber . Another feature of the B270K belt is made with a special dry-wrap clutching cover. This special wrap can withstand tough situations like clutching, backside idlers, reverse bending and even slight twisting. Common applications where aramid v belts can be found are outdoor power equipment such as lawn mowers an snow blowers.

B270K V Belt Size

  • Width: 5/8"
  • Outer Circumference: 273"

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