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B209K - B-Section Kevlar (Aramid) V Belts
Colors May Vary

B209K - B-Section Kevlar (Aramid) V Belts

Item ID: B209K
Belt Size: 5/8 X 212
Availability: 6 In Stock B209K

YOUR PRICE: $43.00
B209K Premium Kevlar V Belt
B209K kevlar v belt is a high strength belt that can withstand higher shock loads, reverse bending and twisting over longer periods of time. The strength comes from the Kevlar cords, which is a high tensile strength aramid fibre. Kevlar belts use a special outer dry wrap, which makes them suitable for clutching applications, lawn mowers or any drives with frequent starting & stopping.

B209K Belt Dimensions
  • Width: 5/8"
  • Outer Circumference: 212"

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