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AX38 - AX-Section Cogged V Belt
Cogged V-belt

AX38 - AX-Section Cogged V Belt

Item ID: AX38
Belt Size: 1/2” X 40”
Availability: 174 In Stock AX38

AX38 - Cogged V Belt

AX38 v belts have cogs on the inside of the belt that provides better flexibility, grip and runs cooler. Cogged v belts are commonly referred to as "notched belts". The AX38 v belt can generates higher horsepower ratings over standard v belts due to the raw edge. The raw edge is what allows the AX38 v-belt to grip better to the pulley.

AX38 Belt Dimensions:
  • Width: 1/2''
  • Outer Circumference: 40''
AX38 Belt Cross Reference
  • GSI/GRAIN SYSTEMS, INC ─ 7101471
  • NATIONAL ─ A338

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