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A90/10 - A-Section Banded V Belt
A90/10 - A-Section Banded V Belt

A90/10 - A-Section Banded V Belt

Item ID: A90/10
Belt Size: 1/2” X 92”
Availability: 3 In Stock A90/10

YOUR PRICE: $103.30
A90/10 Banded V Belt - A Series

Our belt number A90/10 is interchangeable with belt numbers 10-A90, 10GBA90, RA90-10 & 10/A90. The classic banded v belts are perfect for standard drives that have moderate shock loads. A high strength tie band is used to hold the bands together, which offers a permanent matched set for better load distribution. This also helps prevent lateral whipping, slipping and jumping from the pulley.

A90/10 Belt Dimensions:
  • Width Per Band: 1/2''
  • No. Of Bands: 10
  • Approx. Overall Width: 5''
  • Outer Circumference: 92''
  • A90/10 Belt Cross Reference:
    • Bando: 10-A90
    • Browning: 10GBA90
    • Dayco: RA90-10
    • Gates: 10/A90

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