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8V2120 - 8V-Section Wedge V Belt
Wedge V-Belt

8V2120 - 8V-Section Wedge V Belt

Item ID: 8V2120
Belt Size: 1” X 212”
Availability: 95 In Stock 8V2120

YOUR PRICE: $86.34
8V2120 Wedge V Belt

8V2120 v belts can transmit 1.5x to 2x higher horse power ratings than classical belts with the same top width. Our higher HP ratings are achieved by the dimensional changes, high tensile strength cords, cord placement and the special high modulus compression rubber. The 8V2120 belt we supply use a strong wear resistant outer wrap that increases the overall service life. 8V Series wedge belts were created to meet the needs of manufacturers using higher power transmission drive with reduction in the space requirements.

8V2120 Belt Dimensions:
  • Width: 1''
  • Outer Circumference: 212''
8V2120 Belt Cross Reference Numbers
  • Bando: 8V2120
  • Gates: 8V2120
  • Goodyear: 8V2120

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