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8V1180 - 8V-Section Wedge V Belt
Wedge V-Belt

8V1180 - 8V-Section Wedge V Belt

Item ID: A-8V1180
Belt Size: 1” X 118”
Availability: 38 In Stock A-8V1180

YOUR PRICE: $48.07
1” X 118”

Wedge V-Belts were created to meet the needs of manufacturers using higher power transmissions with reduction in the space requirements. Wedge V-Belts can transmit higher powers to the extent of 1.5 to 2 times the amount of classical belts with the same top width. This has been achieved by the dimensional changes along with a better cord construction & the optimum placing of the cord line to best support the cord while in motion. The proven wedge configuration assures stability when heavy shock loads are encountered.

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