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Cogged Wedge V-Belt
Cogged Wedge V-Belt

5VX1320 - 5VX-Section Cogged Wedge V Belt

Item ID: 5VX1320
Belt Size: 5/8” X 132”
Availability: 2659 In Stock
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5VX1320 Cogged Wedge V Belt

The 5VX1320 v belts can produce higher HP ratings over standard non-cogged v belts. The higher power transmission ratings are achieved by the wedge design and the raw edge construction. The cogs help reduce the bending stress when running on small diameter pulleys. Another benefit of the cogged wedge belts is they runner cooler in higher temperature applications over standard v belts.

5VX1320 Belt Dimensions
  • Width: 5/8''
  • Outer Circumference: 132''
5VX1320 Belt Cross Reference Numbers:

5VX1320 Belt Specifications

  • Width: 5/8"
  • Outer Circumference: 132"
  • Depth: 35/64"
  • Heat & Oil Resistant

5VX1320 Belt Cross References

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